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Our mission:
We are a caring community which struggles to be Christ-like and addresses needs in the community because God loves us and we want to share that love with others.

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The congregation is organized as described in the Manual of the United Church, with the addition of the Board of Trustees, administering the hereditary trust funds from the Churches of Saint Andrew and Saint David.

Administration of  the spiritual and educational development of the congregation rests with the Session.

Responsibility for the building and financial administration rests with the Committee of Stewards.

This a a very brief summary. A more definitive description of organization can be found in the down-loadable version of the Official Manual of the United Church of Canada.

Official Board

Chair: Gary Hughes


Board of Trustees

Chair: Terre Hunter





Chair: Tanya MacKenzie


Chair: Neil MacKenzie

Ministry & Personnel Committee

Chair: Terre Hunter

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