The Church of St. Andrew & St. David

A congregation of The United Church of Canada

164 Germain St., Saint John NB E2L 2G3               Phone: 634-3092

Website:                               Fax:  633-1319

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We are a caring community which struggles to be Christ-like and

address needs in the community because God loves us and we want to share that love with others.

Worship Leader:  Erica Lane

Organist & Choir Director:  John Higgins

Reader:  Sally Jackson


2nd Sunday after Epiphany

January 14, 2018

*Indicates standing if able

Prelude:  O Worship the King/Come, Now Is the Time to Worship


Welcome and Announcements


Hymn Sing


Call To Worship

Leader: God knows each one of us personally and God loves each one

              of us.

People: Thanks be to God for such wondrous love!

Leader: Come this day into the presence of God.

People: We come with overflowing hearts!

Leader: Celebrate God’s mercy and compassion.

People: Praise be to God who offers us hope.  AMEN.


*Hymn:  We Have Come at Christ's Own Bidding                         VU 104


Prayer of Approach:

Awesome God, you knew us before we were born. You love us into life.  Open our hearts and our spirits today to hear your word for us.

And, upon hearing the word, may we be convinced of our call to ministry and mission through the church. Bless us with your presence and your powerful love, for we ask this in Jesus’ Name.


Minute For Mission


Offertory Hymn:  Teach Me, God, to Wonder                              VU 299

(**Ushers-please bring collection plates forward on singing of last verse.  Congregation-please stand if able on singing of last verse.**)


*Offertory Prayer


Hearing & Receiving of God's Holy Word

Isaiah 42: 1-9

Responsive Reading:  Psalm 29                                                       VU 756

Matthew 3: 13-17


Anthem:  Break Forth Into Joy                                                            Choir


Sermon:  God's Time of Affirmation


Candles of Joy and Concern


Prayers for the People


*Hymn:  I, the Lord of Sea and Sky                                                 VU 509




Benediction Response: 

Take up His song of peace and go into the world

Take up His song of peace in ev'ry moment

In ev'ry moment of the journey, we're laying down our lives

lay them down, in peace, lay them down, and take up His song


Take up His song of hope and go into the world

Take up His song of hope in ev'ry moment

In ev'ry moment of the journey, we're laying down our lives

lay them down, in hope, lay them down, and take up His song.


The Memorials placed on our Memory Tree were placed In Loving Memory and in Celebration of:


Christmas Memorials



Carol McKiel                                   Katherine Teed

Cecil Murray                                   John Manning

Elaine Anderson                   Peter, Clinton & Rita Manning

Florence Murray                   Dorothy & Herman E Manning

Dorothy                              Herman A Manning

John McMaster                    Jim Sullivan

Ryan Fairbrother                  Matthew Sullivan

Jean and Charles Wills

Wendell MacKinnon

John Hay

George and Janet Wood

Agnes Meek (Trusweil) Wood

 Ruben Hayward (Mike) Wood

Bella MacKenzie

George Teed

Danny Murray

LeRoy MacKenzie

Charles Teed

Jonathon Fairbrother

Gertrude Linton

Frances Tool

Viola and Norman Clynick

Richard and Rhea Moody

Marjorie and Bill Hughes

Van Burdon

Catherine Hay

Hazel G. Lord

Robert and Geneva Howarth

Royal Linton