The Church of St. Andrew & St. David

A congregation of The United Church of Canada

164 Germain St., Saint John NB E2L 2G3                Phone: 634-3092

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We are a caring community which struggles to be Christ-like and

address needs in the community because God loves us and we want to share that love with others.

Worship Leader: Mrs. Erica Lane

Organist & Choir Director:  John Higgins

Reader: Mr. Terry Hunter

  5th Sunday of Lent

March 18, 2018

The bulletins this morning are provided by Victor Alexandrescu and are In Loving Memory of his parents, Victor & Maria Alexandrescu, and his brother & sister-in-law, Dan & Viorica Alexandrescu.


*Indicates standing if able


Prelude: How Deep the Father's Love for Us


Welcome and Announcements


Hymn Sing


Call To Worship:

Leader: This is the fifth step in our Lenten journey. God’s mercy

               floods over us.

People: Lord, wash us clean of the pain of life’s difficulties.

Leader: God’s love pours into us.

People: Lord, pour your love into every pore of our being.

Leader: Let the love and mercy of God reign in your heart today.

People: Be with us, Lord, and guide our lives.  AMEN.


Hymn:  How Firm a Foundation                                                       VU 660


Prayer of Confession:

Compassionate Lord, forgive us when we falter on this Lenten pathway; when the road ahead seems too uncertain and we are afraid. We admit that following Jesus is not an easy task.  Jesus requires us to be willing to make the ultimate commitment of our whole lives and we hesitate and hold back.  Draw us back to you, Lord. Give us confidence and courage to face the future with hope.

Let us place our trust in you that the message of peace and mercy you have given to us through Jesus Christ may be offered to others through our own witness to your healing mercy. In Jesus’ Name, we pray.  AMEN.


Words of Assurance


Minute For Mission


Offertory Hymn:  Joy Comes with the Dawn                                 VU 166

(**Ushers-please bring collection plates forward on singing of last verse.  Congregation-please stand if able on singing of last verse.**)


*Offertory Prayer


Hearing & Receiving of God's Holy Word

Old Testament Reading:  Ezekiel 37: 1-14

Responsive Reading:  Psalm 130                                                     VU 853

Gospel Reading:  John 11: 1-45


Anthem:  Who Is This King?                                                                Choir 


Sermon:  “Unbind Him & Let Him Go”


Candles of Joy and Concerns – Prayers of the People


*Hymn:  As a Fire Is Meant for Burning                                          VU 578