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UCCLogoOur mission:
We are a caring community which struggles to be Christ-like and addresses needs  in the community because God loves us and we want to share that love with others.

The people of The Church of Saint Andrew and Saint David strive to be open and welcoming to all who seek God and want to be part of a Christian community. This is one of the 'core values' of our congregation... one that is not always easy to live out.

 We recognize that the intersection of faith and life is very personal. Each person who is a part of this community may have a different understanding of where God is calling us to be, and how God is calling us to live. We recognize that each of us comes with our own questions, our own wonderings and wanderings, and that there is truth and wisdom to be found in all religious traditions and faiths. We believe that God shows no partiality to any one group of people. Rather, God bestows love equally on all people. We gladly and proudly hold up the lives, the worth and the spiritual gifts and ministry of all people.


10:00 AM February 18th
Morning Service in Hall
   Karen Buchanan, Presbytery Supervisor
Annual Meeting after Service

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